Itax Services

Getting tired of all the tax paperwork? Finding it confusing to file tax returns and getting a tax compliance certificate? Don’t continue to overwhelm yourself by doing all of your own tax returns. Stop worrying about the mess your paperwork is in and struggling to meet KRA deadlines. Let us give you back time to do what you love and to grow your business.

At Tamal Consultants. we cater to all your tax needs by assessing all your business tax obligations and help you file and pay taxes on time.

By allowing experts like us handle your dealings with KRA, you will be assured that everything is accounted for. Having up to date accounts at KRA in today’s financial climate is crucial and it is our mission to provide a hassle free service where we can advise you on best tax practices for your business. We ensure tax compliance all the while maximising your cash flow while minimising your tax burden. Trust us to handle all your tax requirements and enjoy the freedom.